Bald Eagle W/Transmitter

Alice Leurck photographed this Bald Eagle equipped with a transmitter at Bergen County's Overpeck Preserve this past weekend on a Bergen County Audubon Society field trip. It was either flying to or from the Meadowlands, we believe. :- )

According to Alice, Don Torino of BCAS e-mailed the state DEP; they responded that they don't think New Jersey has transmitters on Eagles, but they will check into this. Can anyone help?  (Thanks, Alice!)

Gil Hawkins, executive director of the preserve, says this was the third instance of a Bald Eagle with a transmitter seen  this year. Two eagles with transmitters were seen flying together.

The New York State DEC has an eagle/transmitter program. (Link is here.) We have contacted them as well.

5 thoughts on “Bald Eagle W/Transmitter

  1. Don Torino

    checked with USGS , they say many states have permits to use satellite tracking devices , FLA, VA., GA.,etc. they recommended I fill out a bird banding form which i did , so we will see If we can anything back, stay tuned !

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