Transco Trail Open Again

The Transco Trail at DeKorte Park has reopened. The Marsh Discovery Trail is open most of the way. It can be entered from the main gate only.

2 thoughts on “Transco Trail Open Again

  1. Sara

    Hi…don’t know if you could answer this for me or if the answer is that the Transco pipeline is the construction, BUT I drive up the Turnpike everyday for work and have noticed LOTS of construction/replanting going on in the marshlands on the West side of the Trunpike, just North of the stadiums. What’s going on there??? It now looks like new grass is being seeded and growing, but it looks like a HUGE job. I’m just curious.
    Sara D.

  2. Jim Wright

    The Meadowlands Conservation Trust is restoring nearly 300 acres of marsh at the Richard P. Kane Natural Area, adding drainage and replacing invasive Phragmites with native grasses. Major upgrade. Thanks for asking.


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