Today’s Walk: Great Turnout, Great Birds


More than 50 people were on hand for our Third-Tuesday walk at Harrier Meadow today, highlighted by a bird-banding demonstration by NJMC IMG_1402 Naturalist Mike Newhouse.

Those who arrived at Harrier Meadow were treated to an up-close look at an American Kestrel. The rest of us got several (more distant) views of the kestrels, Northern harriers, Sharpie, Osprey, and Cooper's Hawk…

If anyone would like to put a list together, I'd love to post it.

More pix have been posted on this Facebook Page.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Walk: Great Turnout, Great Birds

  1. John Hahn

    It was a wonderful 2-hour learning experience. Being new to birding, I was so pleased that so many were generous with their knowledge & equipment. We were overwhelmed with information. Watching and understanding the banding process was interesting. What makes it incredible too is this is in a section of Bergen County that I think most residents never get to see. Thanks to all who made this mornings trip special. I am now listening and looking for birds around our house.

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