The Latest Pix from Ron Shields

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The Kearny Marsh may be freezing over, but Ron Shields is still photographing in the Meadowlands.

Ron writes: "Here are 'demo' shots taken at DeKorte Park last weekend using a 1.4x extender attached to my 400mm lens.  The use of this extender transforms the lens to 560mm. 

"The downside is that you lose autofocus.  Manual focusing can be extremely challenging.  The subjects are a Ruddy Duck (below) and a Northern Pintail (above)."

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3 thoughts on “The Latest Pix from Ron Shields

  1. Kevin Harris

    I like Ron’s captured picture, really looks fantastic! Its a ruddy duck with black crown. I have seen colorful ruddy duck before, they have white cheeks and blue bills and really looks wonderful!


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