Tuesday Teaser: Part II

IMG_8228-2This bird is in the NJMC taxdermy collection, labeled "sandpiper." 

But it doesn't look like any sandpiper we know. So we e-mailed the image to shorebird expert Kevin Karlson, who says:

"Since the eye is fake and obviously oversized, it makes an ID of this bird tough.

"However, the bill size and shape combined with a few salmon colored feathers on the neck and breast and the medium-length greenish legs point to Red Knot.

"I know this is an uncommon migrant to the Meadowlands, but I suspect that there were much greater numbers in the old days, with some birds moving just slightly inland to the Meadowlands.

"This is the only bird that makes sense with the shape, bill size and shape and posture of this mount."

What do you think?

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