Daily Archives: January 6, 2011

Rough-legged, Hovering, Plus Raptor Report

Micheal Addis got this shot of the light-morph Rough-leg in classic hover mode by Disposal Road on Tuesday. (Thanks, Micheal!)
IMG_8228-1 Today on Disposal Road,  birders Frank and Dave report seeing a Bald Eagle flying over the landfills around 12:20 p.m.

Several birders had the Red-shouldered Hawk (left) later in the afternoon on Disposal Road on the landfill across from the entrance to DeKorten Park.

Northern Harriers were seen throughout the day today along Disposal Road.

2010 N.J. Endangered Species Report

The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey has a webpage featuring 2010 status updates for rare wildlife, including such Meadowlands favorites as the Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and Osprey.

Most summaries have a link to more info on each species, a nifty feature.

The foundation helps monitor and manage many endangered and threatened species in New Jersey in cooperation with the Endangered and Nongame Species Program.  The link is here.

For the state DEP 2010 report on the Bald Eagle, click here.

For the state DEP 2010 report on the Peregrine Falcon, click here.

For the state DEP 2010 report on the Osprey, click here.