Daily Archives: January 27, 2011

DeKorte Park Report 012711

P1050013 Went out on cross-country skis around noon to check out DeKorte.  Tough getting around without skis or snowshoes.

Saw a Muskrat swimming, a Bald Eagle way out on the ice near the Turnpike and 1-E Landfill, a Harrier or two, a Ruddy, a couple of Bufflehead and some Black Duck. 

Also had a report of a Rough-leg this morning along Valley Brook. (Thanks, Ron!)

Teaser Answer — TBA

We are still trying to determine what kind of goose this is — leaning toward the hybrid theory put forth by several commenters on the blog.

The following link provided by Michael DeCorte was very helpful: click here.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions.