Red-shouldered Hawk by DeKorte Park

Copy of IMG_4624
Over the weekend, Ron Shields got this shot of one of the Red-shouldered Hawks that have been hanging out in the vicinity of DeKorte Park for nearly a month. (Thanks, Ron!)

3 thoughts on “Red-shouldered Hawk by DeKorte Park

  1. julie mccall

    Ahhh…. this was my nemesis bird of New Year’s Day. Despite my actively looking for it alllllll day, I missed this bird *four* times on Saturday. Each time was a classic, “Did you see it? It was (insert location here) a few minutes ago!” Didn’t get it Sunday either, but I wasn’t looking quite so actively, either. Can’t really complain– I got four (and a half!) lifers this weekend, and this bird will only be a year bird when I get it. 🙂
    But Ron got it. Great shot, Ron!


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