Tuesday Teaser 011111: Oh, No! More Sparrows


We have two more sparrows for you to identify, with a twist or two. What do the two sparrows have in common? 

They were photographed at the same location with 30 seconds of each other. Where were they photographed?

(Hint: The photo below is poor but it was chosen for a reason.)

Answer tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser 011111: Oh, No! More Sparrows

  1. julie

    above: white-crowned.
    below: making me a little crazy so early in the morning, but i’m going to go with chipping.
    since both birds have leg bands and the photos are 30 seconds apart, i’m going to guess Harrier Meadow near the banding station.
    ok. my brain’s had exercise. i’m nearly ready to function today.

  2. Pam

    Both are White Crowned; top = adult, bottom = immature. Also they both seem to have the same taste in jewelry (banded 🙂 As for location, I’m guessing Dekorte because I saw the same ones there myself on Sunday! Perhaps in that little area to the right, as soon as you drive in??


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