Special Edition Tuesday Teaser: Unusual Blackbird

Can you identify this rare yellow-footed blackbird?

If not, happy April Fools Day!

8 thoughts on “Special Edition Tuesday Teaser: Unusual Blackbird

  1. julie

    I hate to disagree with Don, because I’ve learned so much from him, but judging from the downy tufts at the top of the head, I believe this is actually Heckle. Their “accents” are markedly different, so a video or audio clip would confirm.

  2. Don Torino

    with all due respect Julie, I just checked the Sibley Guide to Birds and the behavior of sitting in the crook of a tree makes him Jeckel !

  3. Don Torino

    I stand corrected, I just looked the records from the GBBC and there was a “Heckel” counted at a bird feeder in a backyard in North Arlington, it seems to have a preference to corn

  4. Dave Rotondi

    Sorry to inform all of you, but as an avid Heckle & Jeckle fan, I have to tell you that this is “Speckle”, Heckle & Jeckle’s long lost triplet.

  5. Mike G.

    I just got back from DeKorte Park, where birders from all over the area have begun to gather, just hoping to catch a look at this rare spring migrant ….


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