This Sunday’s Walk: Bring Boots and Bug Spray!

A quick scouting trip for our Sunday walk to Losen Slote Park in Little Ferry showed that the site has a lot of birds and a lot of water.

The site is beautiful, with a gently IMG_9962flowing Losen Slote (Dutch for "Creek") and wonderful stands of birches, but there is some litter, some standing water, and the potential for bugs.

In other words, bring waterproof boots and bug spray. It's not so much as a guided walk as a guided adventure; nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We'll bring some trashbags and clean up the place a little while we are at it.

Birds I saw this morning included R.C. Kinglet, Palms (above) and Yellow-Rumps, Hermit Thrush, and the usual crowd of N. catbirds, Grackles, No. Mockingbirds, Bluejays and Red-winged Mockingbirds.

Photo of Losen Slote from this morning follows.


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