Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

Bird Report: 051511, p.m.

Michael Mastropasqua reports:

On my drive home Sunday night (about 11:15pm) I stopped by the Clay Avenue Wetland (Tessie McNamara Park) to see whether there was anything interesting in the marshes and much to my surprise I found a Black Skimmer skimming!

Though not uncommon in the Meadowlands, it certainly is there on the early side.  I watched it for at least 10 minutes doing laps from the main pond area to the orange cones at the corner by the bright parking lot light post. 

That corner is really well lit by those lights and the bird was easy to see as it skimmed by no more than 20-30 ft away.  In addition, there was a Killdeer family in the middle of the street on the corner of Clay Avenue and Valley Brook Drive with at least 3-4 babies about the size of cotton balls on tooth picks.

Several Raccoons and a Mallard pair were also seen crossing the street in that area. 

I've also seen (at close range) a juvenile Great Blue Heron, a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron, and a Skunk on a previous late night drive-by. That little marsh is a real gem.

(Thanks, Michael!)