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A Little More on the Little Blue

Sandy Sorkin, who found the Little Blue at DeKorte this morning, writes:

"The Little Blue Heron is a first for me in New Jersey, as I thought they were generally south of here.  

"The other first time in NJ bird [for me me today]was a Sandhill Crane apparently migrating over Montclair.  

Overall, today's birds are exceptionally colorful and most of them are at http://sandysorkin.com. (Click on "DeKorte" — Sandy also got one of the Common yellowthroats that eluded our camera today. Thanks, Sandy.)


DeKorte Park is Hopping!

This is a great time of year to visit DeKorte.

We saw our first dragonfly and a few butterflies on the Marsh Discovery Trail today, although too fleeting to ID. We heard lots of Marsh Wrens as well. It seems like the summer crew is moving in.

Wrablers seen today include Yellow (Transco), Common Yellowthroat (everywhere), Yellow-rumped (entrance to MDT) and Am. Redstart (Kingsland Overlook).

Here's a butterfly preview — a couple of photos taken by Tom Beattie, who saw 5 Cabbage Whites, a Black Swallowtail and a Red Admiral last weekend at DeKorte. (Thanks, Tom!)

Mother’s Day Walk This Sunday!

Don't forget our Mother's Day Walk in Ridgefield this Sunday at 10 a.m. We'll visit the Ridgefield Nature Center — where we will be looking for Scarlet Tanagers, warblers, thrushes and more — plus Monk parakeets on the way to Skeetkill Marsh (for Baltimore Orioles and more).

As Bergen Audubon's Don Torino says, "Visit Your Mother This Sunday … Mother Nature that is!"

Details follow.

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