Daily Archives: June 12, 2011

Two Nifty Free Walks — Thanks to All

The Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society had two great walks at DeKorte Park today — including an illuminating nature walk led by the peerless Edith Wallace (left, pointing). 

We saw all sorts of neat plants, trees, bugs and birds.  More later in the week, including a few pix of the butterflies and other insects we saw.

Thanks to Edith and the dozens of people who attended either or both of the walks!


DeKorte Report 061111: Bufflehead, Hoodie

_MVB1526-01Marco Lips reports:

I like days like we had today (unless the rain actually comes down from those heavy clouds, and unless we get too many in a row). It's quiet in the park on days like this.
I found one Hooded Merganser and one Bufflehead among the many Mallards and Gadwalls. (Thanks, Marco!)_MVB1532-MDL