Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

About Those Solar-Power Gauges

IMG_2426-1When you're on the Hackensack River, from time to time you'll see one of these solar-powered monitoring stations.

These stations monitor the river's water quality and upload the data  onto the Internet, where anyone in the world with an Internet connection can check on the health of the estuary.

MERI now continually takes the river’s pulse year-round through these monitoring stations, located at four sites along the Hackensack.    

MERI tracks dissolved oxygen, water turbidity (how cloudy the water is), temperature, salinity and acidity.

The data provide a fuller picture of the water conditions. High water temperatures, for example, affect dissolved-oxygen levels and can kill fish.

To access the current data from any of MERI's water-quality monitoring stations, click here.