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Sandhill Crane Seen along River in Carlstadt

Copy of Copy of IMG_1300 Yesterday evening, on a Meadowlands Commission pontoon boat cruise, Ron Shields photographed a large bird working the western bank of the Hackensack River in Carlstadt. 

With the fading light, the bird appeared to be a Great Blue Heron, but when Ron reviewed his photos and saw the red on the head, he immediately thought "Sandhill Crane."

Here is his (abridged) account:

"The shots were taken from the boat on the river north of the departure point at the River Barge, on the western bank near the two large white tanks. 

 "It was seen latter in the trip as we headed north to Mill Creek after traveling south to the Saw Mill Creek Conservation Zone.

"The shots were from a distance due to low tide and the overall feeling that it was a Great Blue Heron."   (Thanks, Ron!) 

Might be seen from Mill Creek Point if it is still around.

A larger cropped view follows.

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