Long-tailed Duck at DeKorte

Frank M. and Sylvia Kleff of Lyndhurst found a winter-plumage male Long-tailed Duck in Teal Pool just before 10 a.m. today.

It was near the point in the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve when I grabbed a few quick pix.  Still there as of 10:45, under water two-thirds of the time.. (Thanks, Frank and Sylvia!)


N.J. Meadowlands Naturalist Mike Newhouse mentions this duck at the end in our latest column for The South Bergenite. Link is here.


7 thoughts on “Long-tailed Duck at DeKorte

  1. John Workman

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for posting. Update: Saw the bird at 1:15PM in the big impoundment (Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management area on the map) east of the Teal pool (i.e, the impoundment next to the western spur of the turnpike).
    Bird was diving and feeding in the fast moving current created by the water rushing at high tide over the farther portion of the (closed) trail that leads out to the Saw Mill Creek Trail. Bird can be seen from the Transco Trail. Scope needed for best views.

  2. Mike G.

    This looks a lot different from the LT Duck we saw in January, 2011. Is this a bit early in the season to see them at Dekorte?

  3. John Workman

    Mike G,
    You’re right. The LT Duck at DeKorte last Dec/Jan looked different. It was a female. This one’s a male. If you have a field guide, check out how different the male looks in its spring plumage. This bird has a complex molt schedule. With some pretty cool results.


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