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What To Expect This Month

When looking ahead, sometimes it's a good idea to look back.

Here are some nature highlights from last January:

January 11: Long-tailed Duck at Laurel Hill

January 19: New, Improved DeKorte Duck Map

January 21: Snowshoeing at DeKorte

January 23: Great Winter Walk: Rough-leg, Plus

January 25: Bald Eagle on Ice at DeKorte

Link to January 2010 highlights (including shrike and Goldeneye) is here.

Link to January 2009 highlights (including Snowy Owl and Peregrine) is here.

Our Next Walk: Laurel Hill, Tuesday, Jan. 17

Our next free guided nature walk is at 70-acre Laurel Hill County Park in Secaucus on Tuesday, Jan. 17, beginning at 10 a.m. 

We'll be looking for Common Ravens, Great IMG_9733Cormorants, wintering waterfowl and assorted raptors.

A check of the park on Wednesday found two ravens, a Northern Harrier, two Redtails and an accipiter (right). 

Great Blue Heron was hunkered down by the waterline across the river, Hooded Mergansers were close by.

Dress for the weather — it can be quite cold along the Hackensack River in mid-January. Don't worry, though — we won't be climbing any hills!

More on Laurel Hill here. (Fraternity Rock is pictured above.)

Full info follows.

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