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Great Birds @ DeKorte Today! Bittern plus!

 2012 Birds 002
"Nice day & nice birds at DeKorte Park today: Iceland Gull (below), Am. Bittern (above), male Ring-necked Pheasant, Marsh Wren.

 "Saw Iceland in flight, was pointed out to me by a group that was there as I came up to them. It then landed in water, right near the main building. I hustled over from Transco trail and got photo just as it took off.

"Bittern was at edge of Phrags opposite the parking lot near entrance to park, was scanning for Yellowlegs & Surprise!

"Pheasant was also right place right time, was driving out & the bird was right at the entrance to the park. Just mosied into the thick forsythia there. Waited for a bit to see if it would come out for photo but didn't, so I moved on.

"These were all 1st of 2012 for me.

"Plenty of others around as well including 12 species of ducks, Gr.Yellowlegs, Harrier & RC Kinglet."

(Thanks, Doug!)  

There may be a controversy brewing on the gull. More on Monday!

2012 Birds 004