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“Harbor Heron” Seen in Cumberland County

Don Freiday reported this morning that "among the 27 (!) Great Egrets at Turkey Point/Dividing Creek during Sunday's Cumberland CBC, there was one with light blue color band labeled DX on the left leg."

Turns out that it was a Harbor Heron from our region. Susan Elbin of NYC Audubon says: "DX was banded in the Bronx, NY, as a nestling on 15 June 2011. The nesting colony is/was on South Brother Island in the East River. South Brother is due west of Rikers Island."

Photo of the bird band is from Don's blog. Link is here.

These egrets nest in NYC and often come to the Meadowlands to feed. Earlier posts about Harbor Herons are here and here.

(Thanks to Don Freiday, Nellie Tsipoura of NJ Audubon and Susan Elbin of NYC Audubon for providing the information here!)

Tuesday Teaser 010312

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Mickey Raine writes:

"Elaine and I headed to Richard DeKorte Park theMisc UnKwn Clam Like Cut Reeds w Pearls 001cE RchrdDKorte Park Mdwlnds NJ 122411 OK other day to see the special exhibit on display, water color paintings and photos of the nature.  While there, Elaine pointed out these odd-looking things in mass down in the grass and dirt area off the walkway.

"Upon first glance, they look like tiny clam shells opened with little groups of orbs; however, when getting down to the  ground level and touching them, they are hard and seem to be solidly secured into the soil.  We have absolutely no idea as to what they may be.  Each shell-like creation is between 1/4 and 1/2 inch in diameter. 

"If any of you can ID these tiny things, please assist."  (Thanks, Mickey!)