Boat-tailed Grackle at Gunnell Oval

BT Grackle 3

Chris Takacs reported a Boat-tailed Grackle at Gunnell Oval in Kearny at lunchtime today — near the marsh, just to the north of where boats put in.

Also seen at the oval or in Kearny Marsh: Adult Bald Eagle 300+ Ruddy Ducks.

(Thanks, Chris!)


2 thoughts on “Boat-tailed Grackle at Gunnell Oval

  1. julie

    I went to Kearny Marsh a few hours later on the off-chance it might still be there. I had no luck with the grackle, but I did have my first Tree Swallows of the year, and a bedraggled cockatiel that looks like it’s made it through the winter on luck and the mild weather. It looks like it’s been in the wild for quite some time, and none of the cockatiel tricks I know were successful in luring it for rescue. It was kind enough to pose for photos, though.

  2. Ray Duffy

    I also chased the Boat-tailed Grackle after work without any luck. I did flush a Wilson’s Snipe twice while walking along the railroad tracks path.


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