Don Torino’s Latest: On Spring’s Arrival

Don Torino, who helps lead our free monthly walks with Bergen County Audubon Society, has a neat column this week in — about Skeetkill Creek Marsh and the arrival of Spring.

Don writes that "spring is a time of renewal when birds return after a hard winter, and the quiet shades of russets and browns turn to the reawakening colors of greens, scarlets, and yellows of spring. It is an extraordinary time when life begins again."

He adds: "All of us have some kind of spring ritual, whether it's cleaning out the garage or fertilizing the lawn. For me it is cleaning out tree swallow nest boxes at Skeetkill Marsh.

"It's a day that I can walk out into the marsh, get full of mud, and pretend just for a little bit that I am a kid again."

The link is here.

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