More Amazing Disposal Road Action

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Ron Shields reports:

“What a great day on Sunday at Disposal Road!  We had all sorts of action throughout the entire day. The highlight for me was the appearance of a low-flying immature bald eagle over the landfill escorted by two red-tailed hawks and two harriers.  The size of the eagle dwarfed the other birds.   

“The eagle circled in flight for about five minutes before leaving.  About
a half hour later, the same bird returned and repeated his performance only to be confronted and scolded by an adult eagle over the retention pond.  Both birds frolicked in mid-air for awhile before heading north.  There seemed to be an obvious connection between them.

“In addition, the day included many close views of northern harriers including several passes by a Gray Ghost.  Red-tails frequently ‘kited’ on the southerly winds.”

Ron also photographed a Common Raven, below.

Another pic of the young Bald Eagle and the adult Bald Eagle are on the jump.


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2 thoughts on “More Amazing Disposal Road Action

  1. Bruce Harman

    Great shots! We filled digital cards and ran our batteries dry. What a day. All the best, Bruce


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