The Ospreys Are Coming!


We have been asked by the state Osprey Project to chart our local Osprey nests on a new website, Osprey Watch (the link is here). You can help us by letting us know if you see any activity at the three existing nests  — or at a new nesting site.

Last year, three Meadowlands nests produced eight fledglings. The nests are located:

* in Carlstadt, on a radio transmission tower in the Marsh Resources Inc. wetlands — can be viewed via spotting scope from Mill Creek Point Park in Secaucus.

* in Kearny, on a small radio antenna by the Hackensack River Swing Bridge, across from Laurel Hill County Park in Secaucus (below).

* in Jersey City, by the PSE&G Plant — best seen from the water.


You can read the NJDEP's 2011 Osprey Report here.

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