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Painted Lady_0051
Don Torino, who leads many of our walks with Bergen County Audubon, writes about the recent butterfly invasion and the public's apparent disconnect with nature in his latest post on the blog.

Don writes that at a local nursery "there was a strange thing happening. No one seemed to notice these butterflies. There were no second glances, no comments, no smiles, no recognition at all. I suddenly felt lonely. I wanted everyone to enjoy this experience with me. After all, this didn't happen every day. So to the embarrassment of my wife. I said in a loud voice, 'Look at all the butterflies!' Still nothing. Nobody even lifted their heads to acknowledge the fluttering jewels that were everywhere I looked."

The link is here.

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  1. Mickey Raine

    This is a pretty shot–nice composition and good lighting to showcase the beautiful colors.
    Mickey Raine


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