Best Debris from Yesterday’s Harrier Cleanup

We guess we have started a new tradition for the Meadowlands Commission/Bergen County Audubon cleanups — documenting some of the exceptional items we find amid the debris.

Above, a doll leg and a slightly disturbing doll that has seen better days. Below: A message in a bottle (to be opened once we get a pair of pliers and a Tetanus shot) and a Pocahontas mug with a hummingbird on the side. Bottom: Mystery test tube (we're not opening that, ever) and strange glass-like resin.

Thanks to everyone who helped collect this strange debris.



3 thoughts on “Best Debris from Yesterday’s Harrier Cleanup

  1. Lisa@dreamtemplate

    Lots of interesting finds there. I bet there are stories attached to each and every one of them. In a way that’s probably what an archaeological dig will reveal many years from now-soda bottles, hair brushes and other discarded items that reveal a lot about our society.
    The doll reminds me of Chucky and like many other readers, I would like to know what the paper in the bottle really has on it. Maybe it’s a long lost message to someone’s lover. Who knows?


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