What’s the Next Big Thing?

Yezerski Osprey
For the Meadowlands Commission's annual report, we needed to mention some of the unusual or charismatic birds seen in the Meadowlands this year  — like the Least Bitterns, the Tricolored Heron, the Soras and so forth.

That got us to thinking — what will be next major sighting in the Meadowlands, and when?  Rough-legged Hawks?  Snowy Owl? Northern Shrike? Perhaps the ill wind of Hurricane Sandy will bring in a "good bird."

What do you think? E-mail your prediction to us.

The winner gets a pat on the back and an Osprey print (above) by illustrator Tom Yezerski (the print is also available at the awesome gift shop in DeKorte Park's Environment Center, along with some awesome new Meadowlands notecards).

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