Tuesday Teaser: 120412

Brandon Caswell writes:

"I saw this sparrow with a bunch of Tree and Savannah Sparrows late last month by those old ball fields about a quarter mile before you get to the train tracks/main entrance to DeKorte.

"The way it was hanging on the grass stem really stood out to me.  The call was unfamiliar to me.  I thought it was a marsh wren at first."

We have a couple of theories on ID. What do you think? (Thanks, Brandon!)


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser: 120412

  1. Ian Garrison

    Swamp Sparrow, 90% confidence. A little bit like a bold Song sparrow. I’d give a long-shot chance at a Lincoln’s (although I see nothing specific to back that possibility up).

  2. Ian Garrison

    Checked field guide–My money’s on Swamp Sparrow by posture and position, but Song Sparrow’s always a chance (beak seems too small? Maybe? Front markings too bold, I think). When I look at the bottom picture, I think Swamp Sparrow. The top one’s a little harder. Again, I bet Swamp Sparrow, adult.


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