Daily Archives: March 7, 2013

A ‘Hero of the Environment’

Don Torino's latest post on the wildnewjersey.tv blog is about George Reskakis (above), who devotes so much time and energy to the Teaneck Creek Conservancy — and who still found time to help with our post-Sandy Meadowlands cleanups.

Writes Don: "The leaders of the environmental movement do not sit in some big office somewhere. … they are local people like George Reskakis, who lead us by example.

"They like George wear their conscience on their sleeve and show us all the direction we need to go and what needs to be done. They manage to do what seems so hard for many people to do or understand and yet when it comes down to it, it’s the most simple, it’s called “The right thing.” (Thanks, George!)

The link is here.

Monk Parakeets Doing Well

1-IMG_5226Stopped by the Monk Parakeet Colony in Ridgefield this week and found a couple of dozen birds perched in or near their nests. 

1-IMG_5192They all appear to be doing fine, and making their usual racket. 

The birds were using both their under-the-bridge nests and the plywood ones built for them (left) when the bridge was undergoing repairs a couple of years ago.

(First time we've visited in a long time when it hasn't been cold and gray out — and, of course, it's cold and gray out again today.)