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Last Tuesday’s Teaser Answered

This sparrow is significant because it was the subject of the first Teaser ever, posted on Labor Day 2008.

Oh, you want to know what kind of sparrow?  We believe it is a young Song Sparrow.  (Did not see that coming, did you?)  Fortunately, the 4.5 years of Tuesday Teasers since then have been for the most part easier.

Thanks to all who offered IDs, and to all who have followed the Teasers over the years.



Red-necked Grebe Continues W/Pic

Meadowlands 101-1
We received several Red-necked Grebe sightings at West Hudson Park yesterday — thanks, everyone. 

Mike Turso sent in this shot –will try to post Roy Woodford's pix of it diving later.  (Thanks, Mike!)

Dennis Cheeseman says the Grege was still at the park as of lunchtime today

Photographers Showcase: Greg Miller

Today's featured photographer is Greg Miller.

Greg writes:

In spite of growing up in North Arlington & living presently in Clifton, I didn't really "discover" The Meadowlands until about 5 years ago when I got into Birding.

My first trip over was to see a Snowy Owl. I was amazed to be able to find a bird like that here & it really sparked my interest in the area.

Since then I've grown to love the diversity that can be seen all around the Meadowlands & it's all all within sight of  major urban sprawl!

Also love the seasonality. It kind of serves as my natural calendar with the arrival of the Swallows in Spring, the Butterlies & Moths in summer, the Shorebirds in fall, & the Ducks & Raptors in winter. I do bird all over the state but always find myself coming back here & consider it my "backyard."

My Flickr page is www.flickr.com/photos/stitch1958/ . (Thanks, Greg!)

Two more of Greg's photos — of a wren and a Tree Swallow — follow.

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