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Photography Showcase: Dave Rotondi

1-Snowy Owl 1-17-09Today's featured photographer is Dave Rotondi.

Dave writes:

I'm originally from Hoboken.  I moved to Lyndhurst in 1998 and then Rutherford in 2000. 

It wasn't until 2009 that I stumbled upon DeKorte Park by accident one night when I decided to take a drive down the road past Medieval Times. I wound my way down Valley Brook Ave.  to the entrance of a then-closed DeKorte. 

The next morning, I drove back and and walked all of the trails, and within 2 hours, I was hooked.  I always noticed the birds around my neighborhood, but in growing up in Hoboken yielded only the usual suspects of city life: pigeons, sparrows, robins, and the occasional cardinal or hawk. 

In my first 2 hours in DeKorte, I must have seen 30 different species of birds– you couldn't keep me away after that.

More of Dave's commentary, and two more photos  — of a Cedar Waxwing and a White-throated Sparrow — follow. (Thanks, Dave!)

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