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‘My N.J. Big Year’ Visit to the Meadowlands!

aaa20130303-IMG_0518We love the Meadowlands, and it's always nice when other avid birders agree.

Greg Cantrell is doing a New Jersey Big Year to raise money for New Jersey Audubon (he is at 162 species).  He and his birding buddy Bill Margaretta stopped by the Meadowlands on Sunday.

After Sunday's Mill Creek guided walk, we bumped into Greg and Bill and offered to show them Harrier Meadow — it was, after all, for a very good cause.

They saw some nice birds, and as Greg reported: "With the New York City skyline in the background, I was looking at some of the best birding habitat you could hope to find anywhere."

Thanks, Greg!

The link to the post is here.

A link to Greg's "My New Jersey Big Year" home page is here.

New Blog Sidebar: Photography Showcase

1-photo showcase-001
If you look along the left-hand column of this blog, you'll see a new feature — a Photography Showcase index, with links to the photographers we have highlighted so far…  Just part of our efforts to promote nature photography in the Meadowlands.

We invite photographers to send in three of their favorite Meadowlands images, a brief bio, a little squib about why they love photographing here, and a link to their online pages. (A photo of yourself would be great, too!)

More information on submitting your images for the showcase follows.

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