Photographers Showcase: Greg Miller

Today's featured photographer is Greg Miller.

Greg writes:

In spite of growing up in North Arlington & living presently in Clifton, I didn't really "discover" The Meadowlands until about 5 years ago when I got into Birding.

My first trip over was to see a Snowy Owl. I was amazed to be able to find a bird like that here & it really sparked my interest in the area.

Since then I've grown to love the diversity that can be seen all around the Meadowlands & it's all all within sight of  major urban sprawl!

Also love the seasonality. It kind of serves as my natural calendar with the arrival of the Swallows in Spring, the Butterlies & Moths in summer, the Shorebirds in fall, & the Ducks & Raptors in winter. I do bird all over the state but always find myself coming back here & consider it my "backyard."

My Flickr page is . (Thanks, Greg!)

Two more of Greg's photos — of a wren and a Tree Swallow — follow.




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