Red-necked Grebe in Kearny

Ron Shields writes:

Friday afternoon, I read on New Jersey Birding of a grebe sighting in Kearny.

I assumed the location of the bird to be the Kearny Marsh, however, it turned out to be West Hudson Park.

Since the pond sits next to our high school, I took a few students on a short field trip.

We located the grebe easily and it afforded extremely close looks.  Needless to say, the kids were thrilled and excited to take part in this "live" biology lesson.  The bird was still present at dusk.

Thanks, Ron!

5 thoughts on “Red-necked Grebe in Kearny

  1. Dave B

    I found this bird on Friday. I was amazed that it chose this body of water. It pays to check everywhere!
    Beautiful shot, Ron.

  2. Michael Turso

    He was still there at around 1 pm today, I assume he will stick around for a bit before making his northern migration


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