Photography Showcase: Ada Baisre

Today's featured photographer is Ada Baisre.

Ada writes:

I am a physician and work as a Neuropathologist at New Jersey Medical School/University Hospital.

I used to live in Kearny and moved to Redtail HawkManhattan in 2005 but I have visited DeKorte Park at least once a month for the past seven years.

I love the different seasons and the different flaura and fauna that it brings to Lyndhurst. 

Photography is my hobby and I post most of my pics in Facebook and some in Flickr." 

You can see more of Ada's work here.  Two more of her photos follow. (Thanks, Ada!)

NYC Skyline


One thought on “Photography Showcase: Ada Baisre

  1. Fred

    Where were the Swans picture taken and what type of Swans were they? Nice picture, I would like to see a picture like that of a flock of ducks And know if possible what kind of ducks they were, Was this photo taken at dusk or early morning?


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