Angelo Marra — Clapper Rail in Flight at MCM

DSCanglelo rail_6889
Following up on Ray Duffy's report of a Clapper Rail at Mill Creek Marsh, Angelo Marra got several photos of said rail — including one in flight. Don't see one of those every day!

Says Angelo: "The rail is located along the furthest part of of the trail in MCM. When you pass the back bridge along the turnpike the trail turns to the left is where the flight picture was taken. Stop and listen in that area,and you will hear this big mouth. (Thanks, Angelo!)

P.S. A Clapper Rail was reported as a heard bird yesterday at DeKorte.

2 thoughts on “Angelo Marra — Clapper Rail in Flight at MCM

  1. Mike G.

    I clearly heard a Clapper Rail call on Thursday at MCM, on the trail that leads up the westernmost side of the marsh near the northwest corner. I am still working on actually seeing one, because that would be a “lifer” for me.

  2. Laura F.

    I was there when Angelo was taking pics Saturday evening. Saw the rail he shows in his photo, as well as a second rail about half way along the west path into the marsh


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