Skimmers in the Meadowlands!

Angelo Marra reports:

I saw five skimmers at MCM at noon yesterday. They always put on some show. (See photo above.)

Thanks, Angelo. We saw several at DeKorte today around noon as well but could not photograph them. They are around!



4 thoughts on “Skimmers in the Meadowlands!

  1. Ian Garrison

    I had one at Harrier Meadow just this morning. It was flying around and hunting in the interior pool.

  2. Jim Wright

    Lest anyone think Ian was trespassing, be aware that Ian does bird surveys of the Meadowlands as an awesome volunteer. Thanks, Ian!

  3. Marjorie B.

    They are definitely around…and magnificent! Just saw one”skimming” in the waters behind 160 Chubb Ave. in Lyndhurst. It’s passed by twice so far.


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