Article on that Polito Avenue Banded Peregrine


Remember that banded Peregrine we photographed on Lyndhurst office building early last month?

Bill Uhrich of The Reading Eagle did a column on the raptor this week.

Here’s a sample:

[A photo of the bird] showed the leg bands that Pennsylvania Game Commission Peregrine specialist Art McMorris and his crew placed on the nestling in Reading on May 31.

The bands once again proved their value as a wildlife management tool by allowing biologists to track falcon movements.

It was particularly good to see that this peregrine is out and healthy, since at the time of her banding, Art detected a low-level trichomoniasis infection and sent her up to Peggy Hentz at the Red Creek Wildlife Center near Schuylkill Haven for a round of antibiotics.

The bird was undoubtedly infected by the pigeon prey that she was fed by her parent peregrines, which have developed an immunity to trich.

Link to the column is here.


The link is here.


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