Butterfly Afternoon

IMG_7152-001Have still been seeing butterflies at DeKorte Park and in Harrier Meadow, although in dwindling numbers, and far too few Monarchs. Let us know if you are still seeing many butterflies, and what species.

Above, a Black Swallowtail. Below left, a Peck’s Skipper. Below right, a yellow sulphur. All photographed yesterday afternoon.


One thought on “Butterfly Afternoon

  1. Jill

    I have actually seen a few over the last couple of weeks. I saw a Common Buckeye out on the trail near Disposal Road, an actual Mourning Cloak last week (not those grasshoppers) and I have noticed about 5 or 6 random Monarchs passing through this past week at DeKorte and also at home in Lincoln Park. Still no Monarch groups though.


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