Yesterday: Peregrine Action @Laurel Hill


Made a quick trip to Laurel Hill to see if any Ospreys still were out and about. They weren’t, but a pair of young Peregrines put on quite a show above and along the cliffs — dive-bombing each other and zipping around full-tilt pretty high up. (Yes, one of them is upside-down in the photo above; and yes, the one in the photo at lower left appears to be carrying a feather in his talons.)

This, of course, made them tough to photograph (sorry about that). As far we could tell, one was banded and the other was not. They are likely part of the young birds that have been hanging out in the Meadowlands and along the Hackensack River for much of the summer.


One thought on “Yesterday: Peregrine Action @Laurel Hill

  1. Fran Duggan

    Just an FYI — Wooly Bear is the common name for the caterpillar of the Isabella Tiger Moth (at least according to Wikipedia).


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