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Regina Geoghan, who shares many of her terrific butterfly images and landscapes with this blog, has a nifty article about the Meadowlands’ comeback on

Here’s a sample:

“Each visit is a new adventure – depending on the season, the time of day, the weather, and the unique character of each park.  One might opt to visit River Barge Park along the Hackensack River for paddling or a pontoon ride, or visit one of several other parks for a hike through wetlands or woodland, guided bird watching and nature walks, or a variety of educational events held at the Meadowlands Environmental Center in Lyndhurst.

“Sometimes, I find myself alone on a trail; while other times I meet birders, photographers, joggers or folks simply out to enjoy what nature has to offer.  While the visits to these parks can indeed feel magical, the restoration of the Meadowlands that has occurred to date is a result of a great deal of dedication, commitment and hard work and will continue to be a work in progress.”

The link is here.

One thought on “Great Meadowlands Story on

  1. Don

    Great story, we should never forget about the struggle and battles it took to bring back the Meadowlands , it proves people and government can do great things together


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