Landfill Fossil Mystery

The NJMC bird-banding crew had a rare find today — and we’re not talking about the two Nelson’s Sparrows that they banded. We’re referring to the fossil above, found on a rock on the Erie Landfill.

How did it get on the landfill? Who knows.

What kind of fossil?  Any help is appreciated.  (Thanks, bird-banding crew!)

5 thoughts on “Landfill Fossil Mystery

  1. David B.

    Fossil shell. Devonian period of the Paleozoic Era. These fossils are commonly found in Sussex County New Jersey and several locations in Pa. The most notable/collectible type of fossil from this period is the Trilobite.

  2. Tom S

    Specifically, it is a brachiopod fossil. Brachiopods are like clams, but they live above the seabed/water interface, rooted into the seabed by a holdfast. Most species of brachiopods are long extinct, but they are a pretty common fossil.


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