Meadowlands Halloween Flotsam

DSCN2755As Liberty Valance pointed out in e-mail, The New York Times on-line had an interesting feature on “The Peculiar Beauty of Flotsam” from a spot along Newtown Creek in New York. She  added: “I have some great photos of the trash from the Marsh…as do all of us…”

Actually, what some of us have are semi-disturbing-looking dolls that just seemed perfect to post for Halloween.

What especially came to mind was all the strange objects we found on our post-Sandy cleanups last November and December — since donated to the Bergen County Audubon Society. (Thanks again to all who participated in those cleanups!)

Part of the nature of the Meadowlands is you never know what you’ll find along the shore.  Just see below.

Happy Halloween!

The link to The N.Y. Times story is here.

One thought on “Meadowlands Halloween Flotsam

  1. Roseanne Karlov-Dick

    Not only vulgar littering is killing the planet, but also us as inhabitants of earth, too, very sad & pathetic are we as a civilization to have these extreme divergences in conscientious living, Love & Peace, Zenrose


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