Ray Duffy Weekend Report: Rail@Mill Creek

Ray Duffy writes:

On Saturday at Mill Creek, I had a rail run across the corner with the platform where the Nelson’s Sparrow was found.  It looked dark and I think it was a Virginia, but di1-RailTrack01dn’t get a good enough look when it was there as it bailed into one of the briars and I never saw it come out and it didn’t respond to any of the calls I played.

I did find one of its footprints and it looked to be a little bigger than a quarter (photo at right).  I’m not really up on my rail foot print sizes,  Any idea?

On Sunday, I had the Peregrine eating something in the Osprey nest on the Swing Bridge next to Laurel Hill County Park.  No sign of great corms yet.  I don’t know if they’re not here yet or the Peregrine has run them off.  (Thanks, Ray!)

One thought on “Ray Duffy Weekend Report: Rail@Mill Creek

  1. Michael Britt

    Ray…I had 2 Great Corms at Laurel Hill on the CBC 12/15…they were roosting with Double-crested Corms on some rotting wood on the opposite side of the riverbank…just upstream from the bridge…where two Peregrine were perched at the time.


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