Ridgefield Updates: Eagles and Monk Parakeets

1-IMG_4370 Stopped by the Ridgefield Park Bald Eagle nest twice this morning, viewing it from across Overpeck Creek.

1-IMG_4370-001No activity on the first visit, but saw two immature birds preening near the nest on the second trip. (Photo above gives you a sense of where they were perched.)

Also saw hundreds of Common Mergs in the creek.

Monk Parakeet nest site along Railroad Avenue was quiet — just heard (and then saw)  three parakeets fly by the nest and perch on a distant utility pole.  They apparently head out to forage very early in the a.m.

Skeetkill Marsh (below) was even quieter — just a few of the usual suspects (Canada Geese, Mallards, gulls and sparrows).

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