Daily Archives: March 31, 2014

Ospreys on Nest

IMG_7166After a few days’ absence, one osprey has been replaced by two on the Valley Brook Ave. nest.¬† Let’s see how long these two stay.

Again, if you see Ospreys displaying nesting behavior in the Meadowlands, please let this blog know (and take pix, too!)…


Yellow-headed Blackbird Continues @DeKorte

Yellow-headed Blackbird 1Chris Takacs writes:

Yellow-headed Blackbird  is still being seen in DeKorte Park.

On Sunday we had 5 birders in the rain watching the blackbirds stage on Kingsland Overlook at 6 p.m.

The YHBL was seen but not heard with Brown-headed Cowbirds in one tree before it flew to roost. Reportedly it was seen Saturday afternoon on Disposal Road in the rain.

It seems like the best chance to see the bird is in the evening starting at 5:30 pm.

(Thanks Chris, and thanks again to Muhammad Faizan for the photo above!)

Link to post with more Muhammad’s pix of the bird is here.

Our Latest Annual Report Is Here!

NJMC-2013-Annual-Report-CoverThe New Jersey Meadowlands Commission’s latest annual report is hot off the presses, and also available for download below. It’s a large file (4 megs) by nature, so it may take a little while to download.

The report features some neat photos, including a six-pack on the last page featuring photos by Ron Shields, Dennis Cheeseman and Regina Geoghan. The other three originally appeared on this blog.

(Thanks, Ron, Dennis and Regina!)