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Neck-banded Goose: Target Bird Tonight

IMG_8535Jill Homcy writes:

Wanted to let you know the neck-banded Canada Goose is continuing at Laurel Hill. I never did hear back from the banding folks. Got this shot of the neck banded goose standing next to an ankle banded one.

We’ll see if we can see this guy on tonight’s walk. Original post is here.  Thanks, Jill.


A Likely Alice the Bald Eagle Sighting

Chris Takacs writes:

“Last evening, about sundown, Fred Pfiefer and I observed a Bald Eagle flying from 1-E landfill towards Disposal Road. The eagle had a pack and antenna on. It continued flying toward Schuyler Ave. and then turned right before we lost it. Is this Alice, or is there another around?”

We think it’s Alice but are open to other ideas.  More on Alice here. (Thanks, Chris!)

Free Guided Walks: Tonight and Tomorrow

To prove that spring must be around the IMG_5998corner, we are pleased to remind you of two upcoming walks — an American Woodcock walk at 6:45 p.m. tonight  (Monday, March 17) and a Harrier Meadow walk at 10 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday March 18).

The Woodcock Walk is at Laurel Hill — we’ll look for Common ravens as well.  You can meet us at 6:45 at Laurel Hill or meet the NJMC’s Jim Wright in the DeKorte Park visitor’s parking lot before 6:15 p.m.


Details follow.

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World’s Tiniest Turtle?

DSCN9900This little guy was walking along a DeKorte trail last week until somebody dropped the dime on him (figuratively speaking), and we took his picture.

We think it is a Red-eared Slider.

If you hold up a real dime, you’ll see how small this very young reptile really is.

(Thanks to Sue Lewicki of the MEC for letting us know about the tiny tot turtle!)