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Red-necked Grebes @ River Barge Park

Red-necked Grebe RBP

Chris Takacs writes:

Yesterday evening 2 Red-necked Grebes were being seen just down river of River Barge Park. They were found by Andrew Burmester in the late afternoon.

I saw 1 today much closer but in the same area to the south. Attached is a photo taken just after sunrise.

(Thanks, Andrew and Chris.  Also seen recently at RBP: Common Goldeneye and Redhead

Directions to RBP in Carlstadt are in the right-hand column of this blog.

Limited Weekend Access to the MEC

P1080747Please note: The Meadowlands Environment Center in DeKorte Park now has limited access on weekends.

As always, the park itself will remain open from dawn to dusk, and a park attendant will be on site and available if you need assistance.

The Environment Center will continue to be  open on weekends for regularly scheduled walks and programs, such as NJMC Naturalist Emeritus Don Smith’s talk about the marshes of the Meadowlands on Sunday.

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Disposal Rd., Valley Brook Ave.: Important Warning

Although photographers and birders love watching the raptor shows along Disposal Road and Valley Brook Avenue, you must stay away from any active construction activities, heavy machinery and access roads. Weekdays are especially a problem.

The Meadowlands Commission received the following email this morning from the contractor for the Disposal Road and Valley Brook Avenue landfill remediation work:

“Can you do anything about these bird-watchers and photographers? They have been out in droves, and I’m am getting tired of asking them to stay out of the roads and the construction activities. Last week I had a guy park right in front of an excavation and walk across it with his camera.”

NOTE: If photographers and birders do not use stay away from construction activities and access roads, those responsible for the site will be forced to take pictures of license plate numbers and call the police to issue trespassing warrants. This is a safety issue.

Be aware that Disposal Road is not a public thoroughfare, and the land along Disposal and Valley Brook are totally off-limits to the public. Remediation work takes precedence over bird-watching or nature photography.

Thank you. Please spread the word.

Sunday: All about the Meadowlands’ Marshes

Don SmithDon Smith, the NJMC’s naturalist emeritus, is speaking and giving a slide show about the mrashes of the Meadowlands this Sunday at 1 p.m. in DeKorte Park’s Meadowlands Environment Center.

The presentation will include some seldom-seen aerials of the region from 75 years ago — in addition to Don’s incredible knowledge of the region’s marshes (which he explored as a boy).

Did you know that at high tide, there is more open water in the Meadowlands now than in the 1930s? You’ll learn why on Sunday.

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Woodcock Walk is Monday @ Laurel Hill

Woodcock 2
Don’t miss Monday’s American Woodcock Walk at 6:45 p.m. at Laurel Hill County Park in Secaucus.

Before we look for the woodcocks and their amazing peenting and courtship displays, we’ll check on the Common Ravens’ nest and see what we can see along the Hackensack River.

If you don’t know where Laurel Hill is, you can meet the NJMC’s Jim Wright in the DeKorte Park visitor’s parking lot before 6:15 p.m.

Full details follow. (Thanks to Chris Takacs for the photo!) Continue reading

Snowy Owl in Teterboro this a.m.

Don Torino reports:

“This comes under ‘You can’t make this stuff up.’ I was waiting at the traffic light this morning by Teterboro Airport, waiting to make a left onto Route 46 when Snowy Owl flew right over my car  — being chased by a gull! Incredible year for sure.”

Thanks, Don. No Snowy sightings at DeKorte yet today but will post if one arrives.

What’s Being Seen: DeKorte & Disposal


Thinking of visiting DeKorte Park or nearby Disposal Road this weekend?

To see what’s being reported at DeKorte on eBird Hotspot Explorer, click here.

To see what’s being reported along Disposal Road on eBird Hotspot Explorer, click here.

Note: As of Friday, part of Disposal Road near DeKorte Park had a very deep puddle covering the entire roadway. You may want to park in DeKorte and walk down the Transco Trail or take the Schuyler Road entrance to Disposal Road.