Disposal Rd., Valley Brook Ave.: Important Warning

Although photographers and birders love watching the raptor shows along Disposal Road and Valley Brook Avenue, you must stay away from any active construction activities, heavy machinery and access roads. Weekdays are especially a problem.

The Meadowlands Commission received the following email this morning from the contractor for the Disposal Road and Valley Brook Avenue landfill remediation work:

“Can you do anything about these bird-watchers and photographers? They have been out in droves, and I’m am getting tired of asking them to stay out of the roads and the construction activities. Last week I had a guy park right in front of an excavation and walk across it with his camera.”

NOTE: If photographers and birders do not use stay away from construction activities and access roads, those responsible for the site will be forced to take pictures of license plate numbers and call the police to issue trespassing warrants. This is a safety issue.

Be aware that Disposal Road is not a public thoroughfare, and the land along Disposal and Valley Brook are totally off-limits to the public. Remediation work takes precedence over bird-watching or nature photography.

Thank you. Please spread the word.

5 thoughts on “Disposal Rd., Valley Brook Ave.: Important Warning

  1. Chris Takacs

    Please remember that many of those at fault on Disposal are PHOTOGRAPHERS and not birders. They are also not the regulars but those who come once or twice. The regular photographers and birders have been asking the others to obey the rules. Most do but some don’t. And we, the regulars, don’t like it either!

  2. jackie demarco

    Totally agree Chris. The regulars certainly don’t want to cause any trouble and try to abide by the rules. That special place is like our home away from home…

  3. Jill

    I agree with all of the above, although I do think there are some birders new to the area mixed in with those photographers. I agree, it’s been a magical haven this winter and we would all hate to lose access to the area because of people not listening to warnings.


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