Daily Archives: March 6, 2014

Our Next Two Free Guided Walks

To prove that spring must be around the IMG_5998corner, we are pleased to remind you of two upcoming walks — an American Woodcock walk in late afternoon on Saint Patrick’s Day (Monday, March 17) and a Harrier Meadow walk at 10 a.m. on Tuesday March 18.  The Woodcock Walk is at Laurel Hill — we’ll look for Common ravens as well.

(To be clear: We will not be taking any woodcocks for a walk on March 17; we’ll be taking a walk to hear them peent and watch their courtship display. We are foolishly hoping the snow and cold weather are gone by then.  Last year’s walk was cancelled because of rain, but 2012’s walk was pretty cool.)

Details follow.

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Red-tail vs. Opossum along Disposal Road

Red-tail vs possum

Stephen Buckingham writes:

I witnessed a standoff by Disposal Road this past weekend between a Red-tail and an opossum.  The Red-tail wanted to eat the opossum, but after fluttering around the opossum trying to figure out whether it was a good idea to move in for the kill, the Red-tail thought better of it and left.

Thanks, Steve!